CHOOSE how to place your ORDER
1)  On-Line-Order
    • Payment is promptly processed with Visa, Master Card, Debit Cards or PAYPAL.
    • Call us at: 954-957-0031 if you wish to pay with: Discover, Amex or any any other type of card.
    • When using Credit / Debit Cards, be sure to provide the exact billing address as it appears on the Card Statement.
    • Your (Card) Financial institution may charge a nominal Transaction Processing Fee.
2)  Call: 954-957-0031 or use the: "REQUEST A QUOTE" for:
  • A regular or bulk order shipped to a store or a warehouse,
  • Orders (For Multi (2+) stores organizations) shipped "DIRECT to Stores"
              This selection allows you to plan, setup and practice the following business rules: 
  • TERMS:  Net 20 Days, Net 30 Days, etc. etc., 
  • The Transport/ Carrier to use, 
  • The Shipping method and  
  • If the Freight is Prepaid or Collect.