About Us

Mall CM Hosiery is located in North Carolina and have been operating since 2009.
Our goal is to service Independent Shoe Stores, Small, Medium and Large Chains in the Shoe Retail Industry that are overpaying for Disposable Foot Socks.
Yes, we are currently servicing most Independent stores in USA, small to large chain stores as well as other accounts which include Doctors Offices, Fitness centers, Bowling Alleys and Retirement Homes.
Sadly, the account that we miss most is yours. 


  • All of our Disposable Foot Socks are manufactured in USA & we ship Direct from the Factory.
  • All products are knitted with first quality yarn and drum dyed for color consistency.
  • The Distribution Center (Factory) assures you fast, prompt and accurate delivery.
  • We SELL Directly and DO NOT use Salespeople to sell or Distributors/ Wholesalers to sell our products. 
  • Our prices are the lowest on the WEB. We dare you to find cheaper prices and unlike the competition.
  • Products are pictured and priced with clarity: Regular Price and Quantity Prices for each Model, Size and Color.

Thanks for shopping with us!

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